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Ever wondered what all the hype is about, about not connecting or trusting wifi hot spots on the road? Well, here is a quick lesson on what attackers do, and what an evil twin is. This document also covers how to set up an evil twin and where you can go to get the hardware to set one up.

This document will provide a base line for what you may see when and if your webcam is being attacked by an attacker on the internet. Within this blog posting we will also take a look at ways you can disable, or damage the driver so that you can assure you will not be in someones blackmail listing. This document covers Windows XP Professional but can also extend to Windows versions 7, 8 and above.

So, it's come to my attention that malware writers that are attempting to get into, and onto a persons computer are not doing a good job of R&D Before they are writing their applications and are just making total idiots of themselves. In this blog post I'm going to attempt to cover something that should be discussed but never really is. How to write malware in the internet age and actually get your malware onto a target system.