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Downloadable content, software and other information provided free of charge and in some cases under the GNU/GPL License agreement. Please note that some of the content herein may accompany source code within it's respective language for modification, or fine-tuning.
Please note that if changes are made to code and redistributed you MUST resubmit the information to Network Defense Solutions, Inc. to re-port the changes and provide credit to the contributing author.

A collection of applications to test, or apply security measures specific to Linux hosts. These tools operate from the Linux environment however, may test security against windows, OS X, or other Linux machines.
Scripts, or binaries specific to the Linux operating system.
Applications specific to the Microsoft windows operating system.
Hacking and security tools specifically written in the Windows operating system which can test other operating systems as well. These tools will be listed as to which operating systems they are available for. Please utilize the logo for OS Version.

A collection of articles, tips and how-tos regarding the maintenance of security surrounding your location in both the physical and digital sense. Articles range from Linux, OS X and  Windows defenses as well as server-side technologies.

The approach for layering security measures based on the OSI Model, and network design diagrams.

A collection of articles, how-tos and tips revolving around server security. These articles will include apache web server, ssh servers and other technologies utilized server-side. Operating systems may include Linux, OS X, server 2003, and server 2012.

A collection of papers and, policies which dictate how internal security can be governed. This may include destruction of hard drives, paper and other materials to many other security topics within the office space.

Various methods information may be leaked out of your network without proper knowledge, and how to limit the information that is leaked.

Various articles dedicated to better programming practices. These articles may include C/C++, .NET, C#, Visual Basic, VB.NET and PHP / ASP. These articles may include ethical hacking material or reference ethical hacking material which may provide a better understanding of the security measure and it's respective counter-measure if available.

Methods and white papers showing you how to secure your *NIX installation, servers or desktop.

Examples and papers demonstrating the proper methods to harden windows installations from XP, Vista, 7, server 2003, 2012 and the dreaded and horrible windows 8.

Various articles with *hands-on methods of bending the rules of security to fit the needs of a penetration tester, or hacker. These materials describe scanning, exploitation, web application hacking and other methods to procure access to a remote and or end-point. Each segment accompanies it's respective counter-measure and examples of how and why the method operates and or, works.

Methods for providing system, and computer forensics on windows, and Unix operating systems.

A set of tools, tutorials and other information that detail how to conduct a forensics from and against a Linux / Unix operating system.

Detailed instructions providing methods to procure, and pilfer information from a failing or dead hard drive utilizing cloning (dd) / mirroring and the usage of hardware or forensic tools (Encase, Pro Discover).

A collection of downloadable content and PDF files from security, software development and policy writing. These documents may also include details on designing networks and other literary works involving Information Technology and or Information Security.
A collection of papers which detail how the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) / Business Continuity (BD) and Disaster Recovery (DR) efforts come together to protect an organization and assure that during times of disaster recovery may converge quickly and effortlessly.

Articles and code examples for software development in an assortment of languages for multiple operating systems. This segment will contain articles for C/C++, VB 2010, Python and PHP. Articles will be written each Friday and posted. These segments will contain both code examples (downloadable, too with binaries) and examples how to run them. 

A collection of source code examples for Microsoft Windows Operating systems. Code examples will contain information to whether they work on Win 9X, or NT (From 95 - Windows 10). It is strongly advised that you run from source code, or examine the source code before compiling executable applications. Alternative methods would be to work on these applications or source code from within virtual machines to add a layer of safety. To download a virtual machine please see the following locations: <a href="">Oracle Virtualbox</a> or <a href="">VMware</a>. <b><font color="red">Although we will strive to provide code examples that WILL NOT harm your system, it is an added level of security to run development applications, or source code once compiled within a virtual machine before testing on your own system.</b></font>. We will strive to do our best regarding software development and code examples. 

This area will be dedicated to Windows Software development, and source code examples in C/C++. The examples here will be marked for which operating systems they currently work, and how to execute the applications (require administrator, or run from local user.) If you would like to work along with the source code examples, or build your own software please download and utilize one of the following C/C++ Development Environments. <a href="">NetBeans Development Environment.</a>, or <a href="">BloodShed C++</a>, or <a href="">Code::Blocks</a> or, <a href="">Micro$oft Vi$ual $tudio (CHECK THE FREE ONE)</a>. 

Here you will find information regarding any products we produce to help keep your systems and web locations safe. Network Defense Solutions, Inc. is launching a new product line that will enable small business owners to protect their assets and information from breaches, and manage an investigation. You can choose any of the products below for more information.

A collection of tools that scan, read, parse, track and report on attacks in system logs. These tools are designed for both Linux and Windows to operate server side, and desktop side. Tool protections range from attack detection to blocking and analysis.

A collection of services and software applications to assist with maintaining microsoft windows and the microsoft windows server family of products.


A collection of scripts, applications and services that assist in running, maintaining and securing a Linux environment.

Service for desktop virtualization for legacy software and setup of virtual servers utilizing ESXi. Virtualization also includes remote virtualization for DR purposes as well as VirtualBox, VMWare and Parallels. Virtualization covers Windows, Linux and OS X / MacOS.

Need data recovered after it's been deleted? Or, need a recovery method if your system has crashed? We offer multiple options to recover your data. From remote recovery and mail-in-services. We also provide storage for mirrored hard disks where if you encounter an issue, we can ship you a hard disk with your environment already running! Once we receive your old hard disk we'll make your data available for download only to you so you can continue where you last left off.

Information on search engine optimization, quality content generation, advertising, social media, Google ranking and web analytics for your business. We can help you to cover Google, Yahoo and, Bing!

Warning! This section contains documentation that requires analysts to utilize live malware to understand malware analysis. Safeguarding your data is not the responsibility of Network Defense Solutions, Inc. All readers, students and analysts MUST provide their own method of safeguarding their systems and data. If you agree to this warning, you may proceed. Otherwise, please do not run any of the live samples on your network or workstation!