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Software Development

Software development for Windows Applications.

Threat Hunting

Our threat hunting services allow your organization to determine with multiple data points if in the event your systems, networks or servers have been compromised. Whether you have active logging (SIEM) or, basic security solutions deployed -- Network Defense Solutions, Inc. can help assist in helping escape the event horizon of threats that may be on your system(s) or threats targeting your system.

We have been working hard to develop a new set of tools that enable small businesses to deploy security without the cost! If you are a small business owner and you need to secure your data, web sites, databases, need business continuity / disaster recovery, backup strategy, malware analysis or, Incident Response or if you have sustained a breach and require cleanup; Network Defense Solutions, Inc. will have the tools needed to help protect your and restore your business!

With 24/7 Monitoring and reporting capabilities for End-Points, Servers, Web Sites, policy creation, enforcement, containment and other mitigation tactics your focuses can shift back to business operations and lessen the burden for security. We will help take the guess work out of security appliances, applications and procedures for you and your staff so you have one less thing to worry about.

Our threat hunting process is broken down in the following methods:

  • Threat Hunting

    Utilizing pre-existing technologies and SIEMS or, deploying tools, scripts and utilities on your end point, server or virtual systems Network Defense Solutions, Inc. can assist with threat hunting or lead an investigation into a threat hunting effort. Whether you are working with Linux, Windows or MacOS we can provide you with insight into system activity that may uncover a threat actor or malicious software. Our tools and efforts not only look for the traditional indicators that other tools look for, our tools look for details that are in most cases over looked to provide you with more insight.

  • Incident Response

    If an incident is detected from our initial scans and detection techniques from your systems, logs and other traffic are scanned to determine if a threat actor has either breached your systems, attempted to communicate with your network or end points and are blocked -- even if data exfiltration was attempted. If an adversary has made an impact to your system(s) our team will then start a vigorous set of scans and investigation to assist with identification, containment and restore your systems and perform a root cause analysis. After which, a lessons learned are then delivered to you as well as remediation strategies to prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future.

  • System Cloning*

    Should you choose to clone mission critical systems, we can utilize the images or hard drives that were affected by a breach or impact to launch an in-depth analysis. While an investigation is being conducted a previous image is deployed minimizing business interruptions. There are multiple methods we can assist and setup these types of auto-backups for you and your organization to help limit costs and allow you to be operational nearly 24/7x365.

  • Software Solutions

    Should you require supporting applications for your end-points, servers or web locations we can assist with developing or in most cases providing applications to help keep you secure. From web site backup, data copying or, re-deploying to supporting security staff for detection, reporting and remediation. We will work closely with your organization or small business to help you achieve the goals you have in mind.

  • Web Site Server & End-Point Security

    Have a web site that needs security, monitoring, backup or if in the event of an impact a team that understands web application attacks? We have you covered! Our team will not only take snap-shots of your web site but if in the event a threat actor damages, breaches or defaces your web location we will be notified of the attack within minutes, an investigation will begin and a safe copy of your web site will be pushed back to the internet. All of this is nearly transparent to you. Better yet? We will help track down the attacker* and provide you with security practices to help safeguard your web site from future attacks of a similar nature.

  • Training & Education

    If your security solutions are not attempting to assist with providing your workers with on-going training and best practices, this can leave your organization with a gaping security hole. Network Defense Solutions, Inc. will assist with providing deliverables, reviewing past events and providing your team with an on-going learning experience to help enrich security from a multitude of points. E-mail and communications, Mobile Phone Safety, End-point and computer safety, Phishing, Malware and more!

  • Laptop / Desktop Repair & Upgrades

    If your environment maintains a number of systems however, lacks the staffing to repair, upgrade or remediate I.T. issues, we have the skillset as well as the tools to help you meet the demand for maintenance, repairs and upgrades. Whether it be a Hard drive replacement to a laptop LCD screen repair. Our team can assist and alleviate many of the issues you may face within the information technology and information security arenas.

  • On and Off-Site Virtualization Services

    Hit with bad malware or ransomware? Technicians are providing exuberant prices and it will take a few days before your systems are brought back online? Network Defense Solutions, Inc. can help provide you with off-site and on-site virtualization services that allow you to bring computers back to a clean state, retrieve files from backups and also connect to remote systems to complete jobs from the office or on the road.

  • Managed Malware & Phishing Detection

    Managed malware and phishing services are at the core of protecting your organization. These services will allow Network Defense Solutions, Inc. the ability to provide your organization with insight into your threat actors, the tools and techniques they use and how to block them across your network. With threat hunting services your organization can send samples to us for analysis, assistance with removal and methods of prevention.

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Phishing Simulations

More information coming soon ;-)

Training & Education Portal

At Network Defense Solutions, Inc. we are gearing up for a new set of training and documentation, videos and labs to help guide you, your users or even students through some of the various subjects of information technology and, information security. Currently we are designing an extensive malware lab that covers MacOS, Linux, Windows and potentially other operating systems ;-). We will provide you with the tools and virtual machines needed in order to master the skills you need to effectively deliver on Malware Analysis, Ethical Hacking and, Incident Response. On top of this, you can choose to learn from our own portal right here, or, you can sign up for classes that are soon to come. For more information, please feel free to utilize this page.

Incident Response

Please select an operating system to learn more about the Incident Response services we provide.

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Incident Response Tools

This document contains a collection of scripts, tools and guides for users to launch an effective Incident Response Event on a system that has been breached and requires remediation. Please be advised that this segment is only meant for users who are subscribed to our threat defense system and web security portal.
Utilizing these scripts without knowledge of forensics or Incident Response may corrupt or taint forensic information. Network Defense Solutions, Inc. takes no responsibility for such actions. Additionally, due to the availability of the tools you require a subscription to our Threat Defense & Detection services in order for the data to be processed. Your download link will become available once the check box on this prompt is selected.

fee schedule

Service Service Description Service Cost
Computer Repair(s)
Drivers for Clone P.C. Systems Driver disc / USB / Download $20.00*
Driver disc for name brand P.C. Systems Drivers / copy of set of drivers from your system manufacturer $30.00
Repair Process (Must be requested before hand)

A record of the repair process from start to finish.

Motherboard Installation Fit a new motherboard into your current tower or case $100.00*
Pricing subject to change depending on cooling types.
Peripheral Installation (PCIe/RAM, etc) Add, or upgrade new cards. $65.00
Drive installation (CD/DVD/RW/HDD, etc) Install or upgrade new drives. Does not transfer or install OS. Please see cloning or OS installations. $85.00
Windows Operating System Installation
Linux Operating System Installation
OS X Operating System Installation
VMWare OS Installation
VirtualBox OS Installation
Install a selected operating system or group of operating systems. $185.00 (No customization)
$195.00 (No customization)
$195.00 (No customization)
$95.00 (No customization)
$95.00 (No customization)
Software Configuration Configure any software application not related to server, or security appliances. $35.00 up to 1 hour. $35.00 thereafter.
Media CDs
Windows 3.x
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8/8.1
Windows 10
Windows Server (Any)
Windows family of operating system CD media. Not covered / provided by "NETWORK" Customer must purchase copy!
Linux Operating System (Except for RHEL or other Enterprise) A backup copy of your Linux installation media on CD or drive. $1.50 Per CD
$20.00 Per Dongle
$30.00 Per SD Card
Operating System Upgrade Upgrade your Linux, Windows or OS X / MacOS system to the lates OS. $185.00 (if system crashes during upgrade data recovery fees apply)
Drive Cloning
Hard Drive Clone 250GB
Hard Drive Clone 500GB
Hard Drive Clone 1TB
Hard Drive Clone 2TB
Windows XP Drive Resize (Extended)
Windows Vista Drive Resize (Extended)
Windows 7 Drive Resize (Extended)
Windows 10 Drive Resize (Extended)
Linux Drive Resize (Extended)
Create a duplicate of your hard disk to a newer larger disc and resize it to use full disc capacity.
$75.00 + Drive Size
$75.00 + Drive Size
$75.00 + Drive Size
$75.00 + Drive Size
$75.00 + Drive Size
$100.00 + Drive Size
Set up secondary backup hard drive Install new hard drive in your system and ready it for data. $135.00
Printer Setup (USB)
Printer Setup (Network)
Printer Setup (Remote)
Hourly Rate
Set up a printer, scanner or all-in-one. $25.00 up to 1 hour
$65.00 (up to 1 hour)
$165.00 (up to 1 hour)
hourly rate $20.00 per hour after 1 hour.
Set up Legacy Virtualization Install legacy operating system to support legacy software critical to your business. $185.00 + Configuration / customization
ESXi Installation Install VMWare ESXi hypervisor. $375.00 (up to 4 hours)
$72.50 per hour.
Parts ordering Order new parts, or components for your system. $20.00 + $3.50 each additional item thereafter.
Storage Fees Storage fees apply past pickup date and begin on the first late day. $7.50 per day.
Virtualization Repair / Recovery Recover data or a virtual client before a crash. $195.00 to start (2 hours) and $75.00 per hour
Preventative Maintenance
System Optimization Clean and configure windows from start up items, to visual settings. $35.00
System Cleaning Physically clean system of dust, debris and other environmental pollutants. $25.00 + Travel
System Cleaning + Optimization Clean and configure windows, physical clean of dust, debris and other environmental pollutants. $59.99 + Travel
Expert Care Clear junk files, scan hard drive for errors, re-align data, clear dust and gunk from system fans, re-apply thermal paste to processor, remove unwanted programs, virus scan, firewall test and disable running programs. $179.95 + Travel
Pickup / Drop Off Rates
Pickup and drop off rates. Rates calculated for out of contract systems, or systems within limited contracts. Price Per Gallon of Gas + 15% gas price + .50 cents per mile.
e.g: round trip 2 miles (to / from)
Gas Price 2.75 + 18% = .50; 3.25
1 Mile Traveled = .50
Gas Sub Total: $3.75
Round Trip: $7.50
$65.00 + gas rates
Gas Rates ONLY
System Security / Hardening
Linux End-point Hardening Includes tripwire, iptables and anti-virus software $370.00 up to 2 hours. $75.00 per hour thereafter.
Linux Server Hardening Tripwire, iptables, anti-virus, modsecurity, webserver, ssh. $495.00 up to 5 hours. $85.00 per hour thereafter.
OS X / MacOS Hardening Configure system for security (web server, firewall, anti-virus, etc). $390.00 up to 4 hours. $80.00 per hour thereafter.
Tablet security Firewall / Anti-virus / configuration. $130.00 up to 2 hours. $25.00 per hour thereafter
Windows End-point Security Configure anti-virus, user accounts, firewall, 2FA. $285.00 up to 2 hours. $45.00 thereafter.
Windows Server Security Configure and secure 3 packages of your choice. IIS, Active Directory, DNS, or others $575.00 up to 3 hours. $90.00 thereafter.
Remote Support
Windows System Repair Repair / troubleshoot any windows system. $109.75 for 1 hour. $35.00 per hour after.
Linux / MacOS System Repair Repair / troubleshoot Linux / MacOS system issues. $125.95 for 1 hour. $55.00 per hour after.
Remote Support Training Connect to client system to train, teach or demonstrate the usage of a software product, or setting. $35.00 per hour.
Remote Support Peripheral Setup Any items other than scanner, printer, mouse, etc. (Phone, tablet, etc). $104.95 up to 1 hour. $25.00 per hour.
Virtual Machine Remote Support Whether from client or within guest. 109.95 up to 1 hour. $45.00 per-hour there after.
Linux Remote Support Training Learn how to install, admin, configure and utilize linux. 2 weeks. $75.00 per hour. 1 hour lesson
Tablet Remote Support Maintain system security, and health remotely for tablets. 109.95 up to 1 hour. $45.00 per-hour there after.
Monthly Fee: $65.90 (per-device)

Preventative Maintenance Plans

We have put together a few plans to sustain the health and operability of your systems. Below are 3 of our best care plans to help you get the best out of your P.C.

Expert Care

Clear Junk Files

Scan Hard Drive for Errors

Re-Align Data on hard drive for speed.

But that is not all!

Clear dust, and gunk from the system air-flow ports and fans. 

Re-apply thermal paste to your processor 

Remove Unwanted programs

Virus Scan*

Test System Firewall

Disable programs that are running and slowing down your P.C. 

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Advanced Care

Clear Junk Files.

Disable Unwanted Programs

Remove Unwanted Programs

Re-Align Data on hard drive for speed

Check Anti-Virus Update(s)

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Basic Care

Clear Junk Files

Disable Unwanted Applications

Check System for Errors

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