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At Network Defense Solutions, Inc. we are positioning our goals for the small to medium sized business owner who needs services, and security and who don't want the exuberant prices of competitors and other large companies. We are gearing up our services with a product line to help prevent web defacement, web hacking, SEO, marketing & advertising, and web backup plans. As well as many other services which will progressively be released throughout the year.

We are also re-structuring our pricing plans, and policies and re-releasing better services for remote support, on-site service plans, Training & Education, Software Development & Licensing, System Repairs, Web Development, Web Migration (moving from one host to another), Data Recovery and System Re-Imaging. In addition to new and current services we are for the first time offering Graphic Design services with a full product line of Graphics for the web, vehicles, brochures, menus and other design needs.

Some of our services do come with phone, e-mail and trouble ticketing support. Premium support services are offered after-hours with the same support contacts as basic support however, with the option to call after normal business hours; and with the availability of custom written software our clients may also run tools to enable them to fix certain problems without needing to contact support. Combined support with service contracts and remote support enables a faster resolution to common or advanced problems.

In addition to the mentioned services provided above, we are also providing small business locations the option to have a remote system where if needed they can move their current critical information off-site and work remotely. Should a system repair impede work performance, or an event prevent you from using a configured system Network Defense Solutions, Inc. will provide a base virtual system that can be used in place of your current system while your main infrastructure or system(s) are repaired. Once a repair process is completed -- your data is then moved back to your live site to resume operations with minimal down time, which saves you time and, money!

With the re-release and re-launch of our security courses -- their affordability and flexability will allow your employees to understand the ways in which hackers attack networks and exfiltrate data. Our online courses accompany video tutorials, labs (both remote and local) as well as exercises that will allow students to not only review the current trends but also exercise them. In addition to the class schedule we have also open-sourced the classes which do not come with instructor support. This way you may learn at your own pace, your own level and on your schedule.

For a listing of our services and pricing you may click here, to learn more about our services you may click this link, or see the many services provided below for more information.









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