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Social Engineering on Rails

For those of you who missed it, this is a posting of the InnoTech Root66 convention where we spoke on social engineering. You can download the PDF document and view the slides we used during the talk. Later this week we will also be posting the video and to those who did attend - they will be receiving Angreifer as a gift for coming to the convention.

So some of you may already know that we are designing new software that is named Angreifer Unbekannt, and it should be released (we are hoping for) a date of 1/13/15, or 2/13/15. On the 9th of October we had given a presentation at the InnoTech root 66 convention regarding social engineering, and had a good turnout. As promised, we did intend for everyone to obtain a copy of the presentation materials, some software, and we will be posting a copy of the presentation online so that you may view the talk even if you were unable to make it.

As promised, to those who had signed up for the class tool listing will get a copy during it's development life-cycle, and also obtain copies into BETA, ALPHA and FINAL. We apologize for those who did not sign up for the classes, however, maybe next year if we have the pleasure of speaking at root66 again -- we can hook you up with some software applications we are working on.

If you'd like to download the presentation, the PDF is available here: Social Engineering on Rails - Presentation. The video and other details of the social engineering efforts that we have provided will also be available soon. So, keep checking back! -=]

I would also like to thank Jason E. Street, and Casey Bourbonnais for assisting with the talk. I would also like to thank Kayleigh Parker for her contributions and continued contributions to the psychological aspect of Angreifer. Ralph Echemendia and Russ Rogers for pushing us to give a talk and finally my brother Sal Valente for introducing me to Social Engineering which has lead to the creation of SE tools and a broader prospective for new users coming into the security landscape.


10/15/2014 - Social Engineering on Rails Presentation Video

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