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Evil Twins

Ever wondered what all the hype is about, about not connecting or trusting wifi hot spots on the road? Well, here is a quick lesson on what attackers do, and what an evil twin is. This document also covers how to set up an evil twin and where you can go to get the hardware to set one up.

Webcam Attacks Explained

This document will provide a base line for what you may see when and if your webcam is being attacked by an attacker on the internet. Within this blog posting we will also take a look at ways you can disable, or damage the driver so that you can assure you will not be in someones blackmail listing. This document covers Windows XP Professional but can also extend to Windows versions 7, 8 and above.

How Scammers Should Code

So, it's come to my attention that malware writers that are attempting to get into, and onto a persons computer are not doing a good job of R&D Before they are writing their applications and are just making total idiots of themselves. In this blog post I'm going to attempt to cover something that should be discussed but never really is. How to write malware in the internet age and actually get your malware onto a target system.

Backup Strategies for the Home

This article is centralized around backup strategies for home users, and what a backup strategy is. The backup strategies discussed herein will be around RAID and what types of hardware users should deploy in a home, or SoHo Environment when attempting to provide some recovery mechanics for their data, or their business. This article looks at both internal RAID and NAS based RAID systems, breaks down the information you need to know and assists you with a direction to head when attempting to deploy such a solution.

Social Engineering on Rails

For those of you who missed it, this is a posting of the InnoTech Root66 convention where we spoke on social engineering. You can download the PDF document and view the slides we used during the talk. Later this week we will also be posting the video and to those who did attend - they will be receiving Angreifer as a gift for coming to the convention.

Windows XP Service Hack 6

A new hack tool in the image of windows xp service pack updates that allows you to install malware, or other applications on an unsuspecting user during penetration testing. This tool was mirrored after the installation process of windows xp service packs and allows you to configure the application. The software supports x86, x64, Ithanium and all processors listed.

Rootkits in The Hardware

The dangers of buying electronics from ebay and other online stores, or bidding sites. This article explains how infections sustained from previous owners or the malicious can seriously affect your computing and compromise your information.

Online Privacy Hiding in The Shadows

How to hide in the shadows from online ad agencies and keep your identity secure from predators.

The End of XP Marks The Beginning of Hell

A guide for what to look out for if you are stuck on windows XP and some of the dangers involved with utilizing legacy software and hardware.

Why I Would Never Buy A Dell Again

Being a Dell customer since 2000, 2001 I had come to like the laptops that Dell had produced. All of the systems that were purchased through Dell were an Inspiron 8100, 5100 (which had it's own issues I will detail through this document) and a replacement system of the dell 5100 to a dell 5160 which seemed to have worked pretty well for it's lifetime. After a while since the systems began to slow down it was time to get a replacement and that's when I purchased the inspiron 6400 (E1505) which was also the same as the Precision line. The 6400 was replaced due to a cascade effect of video card failure, ram failure, hard disk failure, motherboard failure, and finally peripheral failure. Dell decided that it was time to upgrade me to the precision however, it wouldn't happen until 5 months later and constant fighting with them via phone that the Studio which replaced the 6400 was crap and the touchpad was subpar. Every time you typed something the mouse became erratic and wouldn't allow you to do any work. So, after putting up with this for 2 months I decided to reach out – fighting with Dell for about an additional 5 months they sent me the Precision line.