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Single Loss Expectancy Calculations & Case Study

Within the scope of Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery one of the most common methods we hear is that of SLE (Single Loss Expectancy). What this translates to is how a business would deal with the loss of a single asset, or the collection of assets. Most commonly when dealing with SLE we normally take into account of a disaster or attack wiping out a single server, what the cost of the server is and the costs to bring it back up. However, within this documentation we will discuss the overall process that BIA BC/DR provides and how to effectively calculate the risks associated with a disaster, or impact event. This case study is provided through documentation of a fictitious bank running legacy hardware and software.

Risk Values and Calculations

This document will discuss the methods utilized to categorize data and information, add a rank / weight and calculate the impact of certain areas of your business. Also within this document we will be taking a look at some terms utilized in incident response and disaster recovery.