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DD Disk Imaging and Recovery

Information regarding cloning a windows hard disk if in the event it is failing, or running out of space. This imaging technique does not require the re-installation of files, software or other acquired information since you've had the computer in your possession, and does not require a windows CD nor windows CD key.

Data Recovery Forensic Tools

Information regarding the recovery of files and other data from a hard drive that may have died, or requires evidence collection. Please note that this document does not follow the chain of custody or normal methods for forensic evidence collection. This is only intended to rescue files from an impacted hard drive that still functions and has not had a backup plan implemented. NOT TO BE USED FOR EVIDENCE COLLECTION!

Data Recovery Software

Information regarding backup and recovery of files, and other configurations within the system. This paper contains details on deepfreeze, goback, and RollBack Rx. Each approach is different in nature and will discuss each method that you can utilize to salvage your data and your configurations if need be. Each approach is discussed and analyzed independently. This stub will contain 3 papers in PDF that will allow you to setup, and understand each of the software applications discussed.