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Data Recovery Software

Information regarding backup and recovery of files, and other configurations within the system. This paper contains details on deepfreeze, goback, and RollBack Rx. Each approach is different in nature and will discuss each method that you can utilize to salvage your data and your configurations if need be. Each approach is discussed and analyzed independently. This stub will contain 3 papers in PDF that will allow you to setup, and understand each of the software applications discussed. The main goal of these writings are reserved for the usage of revision tools such as RollBack Rx, and GoBack. This paper will also lightly discuss utilizing the software called DeepFreeze for returning the computer back to an “untouched”, or virgin state. This paper is designed with the likes of small home users, and possibly the use of educational institutions.

Using GoBack

The usage of GoBack was quite beneficial when utilizing computer systems back in the late 90's and well into 2002. At this point Roxio sold GoBack to Symantec and everything fell and went to hell. If you are administering a system from windows 98 and above, this paper will highlight the usage of GoBack. For simplicity please click here to download the PDF regarding GoBack.

RollBack Rx

Rollback is a tool similar to the likes of GoBack which operates on operating systems of Windows Vista and above. The tool archives information and contains details on “safe points” or, “Restore Points” that can be saved in the software to return a system back to a previously operating state. For more information regarding RollBack Rx please click here


Unlike the previous two products, deep freeze operates by returning the computer at every reboot to a save point. Each point will restore a machine to another save point, and even record registry, service packs, and other information. Ideally unlike the other two products that may still be on the market, DeepFreeze also operates for OS X. Download the white paper for DeepFreeze Here.

Forensic Recovery Methods

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