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Shutdown Windows

This article describes how to shutdown windows from C++ utilizing the Windows API to ExitWindowsEX. You will learn how to Shutdown, Restart, Power Off, Log Off and Force a windows shutdown. This code has been tested in Windows XP, and Windows 7.


This area will be dedicated to Windows Software development, and source code examples in C/C++. The examples here will be marked for which operating systems they currently work, and how to execute the applications (require administrator, or run from local user.) If you would like to work along with the source code examples, or build your own software please download and utilize one of the following C/C++ Development Environments. <a href="">NetBeans Development Environment.</a>, or <a href="">BloodShed C++</a>, or <a href="">Code::Blocks</a> or, <a href="">Micro$oft Vi$ual $tudio (CHECK THE FREE ONE)</a>.