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Filesystem Hardening

Information detailing how to harden your Linux derived machines File system.

Password Security

This document highlights the linux password securities, and how to force users into changing passwords utilizing a password expiry date. This should also be utilized with a strong work policy, and other security related documentation to ensure the environment is not breached.

GRUB Hardening

Information detailing how to secure your boot record in Linux to help add an additional level of security to your home, or work computer. This documentation is also linked to physical security. This documentation is intended ONLY for Linux users. Please note that the data is not detailed for Apple as GRUB nor LILO run on the OS X platforms.

Filesystem & Tripwire

Tripwire is a common, Linux operating system application to help monitor and insure the integrity of system files. The information contained herein is solely based on the grounds of, Linux. Please do not confuse this documentation for the windows, or Apple environments!

iptables Firewall

Information in regard to establishing, and setting up iptables for Linux machines. This documentation also contains shell scripts to help create a firewall security policy for your organization. This documentation is for the Linux, non-apple OS Only!!!

Firefox Browser

This document aims to provide enhanced security for your mozilla web browser