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Downloadable content, software and other information provided free of charge and in some cases under the GNU/GPL License agreement. Please note that some of the content herein may accompany source code within it's respective language for modification, or fine-tuning.
Please note that if changes are made to code and redistributed you MUST resubmit the information to Network Defense Solutions, Inc. to re-port the changes and provide credit to the contributing author.

A collection of applications to test, or apply security measures specific to Linux hosts. These tools operate from the Linux environment however, may test security against windows, OS X, or other Linux machines.
Scripts, or binaries specific to the Linux operating system.
Applications specific to the Microsoft windows operating system.
Hacking and security tools specifically written in the Windows operating system which can test other operating systems as well. These tools will be listed as to which operating systems they are available for. Please utilize the logo for OS Version.