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Windows Server 2003 Domains

This white paper will discuss how to configure your Windows Server 2003 system. If you are looking to either setup a domain, or learn how you can add your system to join a domain (or both) this white paper will show you how to do so. You will require Server 2003 and the operating systems specified. You do not need to configure your domain within VMware as we have, as this was provided through example for those who have a lab, or want to set up a lab.

Disaster Recovery Planning Policy

The documentation within this segment discusses the key points of DR policy, and which areas to look into. This is only a sample and may be downloaded to assist with the creation of a custom policy, or to assist with the design of your own.

Secure Network Design

The PDF file contained in this segment discussed 3 types of network designs. SOHO, SMB and Enterprise networks. Each segment displays it's own issues regarding security and how to adequately implement security based on design, and security devices, features and other applicable venues. This documentation is mostly focused on the design and implementation of secure networks rather than based on how to implement such security.