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A collection of tools that scan, read, parse, track and report on attacks in system logs. These tools are designed for both Linux and Windows to operate server side, and desktop side. Tool protections range from attack detection to blocking and analysis.

Log Analyzer

Launching a log analysis after or before a breach shouldn't have to be an all day affair. Network Defense Solutions, Inc. Has developed new tools that will help you collect artifacts, block IP addresses and assist with filing out abuse reports that you can send to your Host, and the offending IP ISP. With built-in scanners for malware, malicious users, CnC domains, malicious IP addresses, spam e-mail addresses our suite of tools would be THE ONLY tool you would need in order to scan, detect and block web application attacks.

Web Site Defacement Protection

Web site defacement protection is a set of tools that is run against your web location 24/7 that monitors your web location for changes. If in the event your web location has been defaced Network Defense Solutions receives an e-mail alert regarding your web location state and our team begins to remediate the issue. For more information about our web defacement detection and prevention tools, please

Web Server File Integrity Protection

Our web site file integrity scanner is a service provided that monitors your filesystem to protect your web root. If any changes are made (defacements, webshells, etc.) you can set our tools to actively handle the intrusion or file system event or, you can setup alerting. To learn more about our file system monitoring tools please

Remote Web Site Backup

Remote backups to web locations play a vital role for security. Not only do they provide you with a set of backups that you can revert to, if your site is ever compromised or, your backups fail a secondary set of backups can help you restore your business rather quickly. If you maintain a web location and need remote backups please feel free to utilize this resource to help establish a backup strategy that will work for your small or medium-sized business.

Active Web Site Malware Scan

It's not uncommon for web locations to host malware for different operating systems. Many times web sites will host malware within their own directory hierarchy to hide web shells and other malicious scripts.
The purpose of these tools and monitoring applications are to review the health of your systems and remove malware if in the event your hosting provider cannot. We have seen many times hosting providers (blue host especially) shut down web locations with embarrassing messages before they contact the site owners or, maintainers to alert them of malware residing on the system.
Worse yet? These companies will hold your web site hostage forcing you to sign up for tools like sitelock and others before they will unlock your domain. These tools were specifically designed to help small businesses avoid the entrapment of such services. To learn more about how you can protect your web location from malware and other malicious scripts please click the link to

Web Site Malware Removal Tool

This is a dedicated tool that will read the output of your hosting company in order to discover any malicious files and archive them before removal. These tools are designed to either unlock your site that has been locked via site-lock, or another hosting company. The tool is FREE TO USE for non-commercial. Instead of paying $200.00+ to get your site unlocked check out our tool first!

Database Malware Scan

Monitoring your web site, files, access and other aspects of your web location are one thing. Many times administrators or security professionals may over-look the database. We have seen many web sites (more than 20K) and counting breached in a way where the web sites serve up malvertising, porn, pills and other spam in order to generate income for the threat actor. Network Defense Solutions has put together a set of tools that allow you to scan your databases, and provide real-time scanning of your locations to help detect and investigate these types of attacks. If you would like to learn more, please

Move a Web Site to a New Host

Need help moving your CMS or other web site to a new host? Network Defense Solutions, Inc. can help you with this. We will archive your site, keep it for 30 days and when you're ready we will move you to your new host. After your file have been moved to your new host we will send you a download link to download your old web site so you can maintain a back up for your own records. 

Web Server Full Security Suite

A collection of tools that can either be managed, or self-managed by your organization. Our tools encompass defacement checking, malware scanning, remote backups, log analysis, database scanning, Active attack blocking and Web File Integrity Checking!

Active Security Monitoring

Maintaining a web site, server or other on-demand technology is difficult enough. Maintaining the security of your environment can become a daunting task. Any business that has sustained an impact or incident event can tell you. Proper logging, detection and remediation are important. Security should be viewed as a "when it happens" rather than "if it happens." Being prepared with the right tools can give you a fighting chance to weather the storm. The landscape offers tools to small businesses to assist with attack remediation and detection however, most are out of the reach; either due to complexity or cost. To find out how you can protect your company, please click the

Shared Host Active Attack Blocking

Active attack blocking works with small business hosting plans to help businesses limit the attack surface from web application attacks. Our tools will monitor your location for attacks. At the first sign of an attack our tools can be configured to alert or, actively block the offending set of IP addresses from further harming your location. If you would like to learn more about active attack scanning for your host, please feel free to