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A collection of services and software applications to assist with maintaining microsoft windows and the microsoft windows server family of products.


Malware & Phishing Analysis

A set of tools to assist your small business identify malware risks, phishing and training to better prepare your organization to respond to an attack. Our tools allow you to handle identification of threats as well as arm your staff with the tools they need in order to identify, contain, respond and categorize attacks before they become an issue. Network Defense Solutions, Inc. also provides managed solutions to keep malicious content off your network and test it in a secure and sound location.

Windows End-Point & Server Incident Response

This article is specific to the Windows Operating system (Server, Desktop, etc.). The tools and resources found here will enable you or your team to quickly obtain incident information and help triage any affected systems. If your a small business looking for security or a means to collect information to provide a robust threat hunt, detection or mitigation strategy you may use these tools to do so.

If you require assistance with collecting evidence on a system that has been affected by a potential breach please

E-mail Security Analysis Services

Here you can help identify threats that are targeting your organization and determine how you should protect your organization, workers and data. Network Defense Solutions, Inc. can help provide e-mail analysis of suspected e-mail messages for both phishing and malware. Our analysis dives deep into the threats and their origins to help you understand how your attackers think and how their tools / phishing campaigns come together.

Windows Off-Site Mirroring Storage

Anyone who is running a business knows the frustrations surrounding a system that breaks right when the work day begins, fails just after an update or has a hardware malfunction at some high-peak time. A repair of a system can take hours and leave you with re-doing work that you've already done. This can be from transcribing hand-written forms to digital, scanning forms in, etc. A system failure can set back an environment and impact a business in a bad way. With Network Defense Solutions, Inc. off-site mirroring your company will have limited impact if in the event of a catastrophic system failure. If you'd like to learn more, please

Hardware & Software Preventative Maintenance

Do you need preventative maintenance for your systems to assure that they are working properly? Do your systems operate in an environment where dust and particulate may affect them (automotive, furniture, etc)? Network Defense Solutions, Inc. can set up a remote and physical preventative maintenance plan monthly that will work best for you. From cleaning the system components to assuring your windows or Linux operating systems are working properly. Find out how you can keep your systems operating at factory efficiency years after you've purchased them!

Software Preventative Maintenance

Software preventative maintenance assures that your system is operating efficiently months to years after your computer has been purchased. This can be from tending to a spindle hard disk or maintenance for a solid state drive (SSD). Without regular on-going maintenance your computer runs the risk of slowing down, lapses in security (outdated anti-virus, firewall, patches, etc) and eventually either breaking down or sustaining an attack. Preventative maintenance is a level of assurance that your system wont die in an unexpected manor. Most problems can be detected well before they become major issues. With a preventative maintenance package, you can avoid larger costs later on!