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A collection of scripts, applications and services that assist in running, maintaining and securing a Linux environment.

Linux Desktop Incident Response

Incident response is not only limited to the Windows desktop or, server environment. In a mixed environment you may find Linux, Windows, OS X or MacOS. Responding to incidents within Linux may become a challenge for administrators who are either over-worked, or have a small team / resources.

Network Defense Solutions, Inc. has developed a set of scripts and, tools that can be utilized for artifact collection and incident response. It is estimated that companies do not know they have sustained until approximately 380 days after a breach! Don't be one of those companies. With the tools and scripts we've developed obtaining the information you need to discern whether your systems have suffered a breach is easier than you think. All our scripts categorize the information you need by user, and artifact collected. If you require assistance with collecting evidence on a system that has been affected by a potential breach please

Linux Off-Site Mirroring Storage

Anyone who is running a business knows the frustrations surrounding a system that breaks right when the work day begins, fails just after an update or has a hardware malfunction at some high-peak time. A repair of a system can take hours and leave you with re-doing work that you've already done. This can be from transcribing hand-written forms to digital, scanning forms in, etc. A system failure can set back an environment and impact a business in a bad way. With Network Defense Solutions, Inc. off-site mirroring your company will have limited impact if in the event of a catastrophic system failure. If you'd like to learn more, please

Linux Desktop & Server Malware Analysis

This is a very small collection of scripts to assist with malware analysis within a Linux environment. Please be advised that this is not a full script, or anywhere near the script capabilities of the: Linux Malware Scripts that is within our store. This is a short document and stub of what analysts can do if they believe their systems have been affected by malware.