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This documentation is a stub of additional information founded in other sections of this web site. It's focus is upon .htaccess files, and the details which surmount regular configuration settings, to teaching our viewers how to properly configure the .htaccess file(s) and also, how to properly chmod them.

This document will outline the details of zone transfers, and how to protect your organization against zone transfer requests.

Documentation explaining the hazards of displaying full banner details for Apache, FTP and SendMail.

Information detailing how to protect a cisco switch with passwords, and placing users into vlans to segregate machines and departments. This document will cover setting up an SSH password that is encrypted and will not be displayed from the command show running-config, and also how you can setup console passwords to disable users connecting to the device physically and not being prompted for a password.

A basic and comprehensive set of security solutions for FTP accounts, and FTP security for Linux.

Information about Linux Apache Configurations. Securing apache, and additional information.

This documentation is written in the regard of keeping your web locations safe from web crawlers which may crawl your location in order to mirror and dissect your web location / technology used in the writing of the web location. This information can be used to penetrate into your web applications in order to directly effect your web site.