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ferret script

A script designed to perform most of the intro to penetration testing / ethical hacking regarding information gathering, scanning and discovery.

arpspoof script

Arpspoof is a script that will allow you to setup an arp spoofing / redirect attack on a switched and routed network. The script will setup iptables for you, perform sslstrip, and even update the information within the dump file on the screen so you can see what is happening in real time. The script does require that you run it within a system that has sslstrip, and arpspoof installed. Once the applications are in the system you can simply call arpspoof to do your bidding for you.

Google Sleuth

A linux C++ application to find users from social networks, and search by address and phone number during penetration tests.



W3ire is a utility that was written specifically for shared hosts, or those on VPS systems whom need near* real-time reporting for their web-root. The application comes in two parts and must be hard-configured to match the settings of your server, and the technologies you utilize. Once setup W3ire will monitor your web root for the following:

Security Sleuth

Server-Sleuth is a Linux based shell script which will help configure Apache/2, SSH, FTP, SendMail, and GCC. Server-Sleuth also has the ability to run and document certain system details for a forensic look up / archival. For more information please click the "read more" link below. This script is designed for linux. Only Linux users will be able to download the script and it's contents.


Tools for calculating some of your SLE expenses (does not account for Utilities, and other expenses like Internet charges). This package does require .NET >=4.0.


smtpSMACK is an application that will assist with password cracking SMTP or mail accounts. You can load users e-mail addresses in a number of ways or utilize a breach dump in order to search through the credentials and users for accounts.


Pix!ti is a windows application designed to be pointed at social network URLs of individuals and obtain their graphics. The major functionality of the software is not only to download said graphics but also plot the GPS information from geo-tagged graphics into google maps. Not only will Pix!ti determine GPS information it will also provide camera details and, smart phone information if held within the EXIF information of an image header.


A Microsoft Windows Utility to help during web assessments. WebRunner will help to locate help files, configuration files, determine which extensions are in use (php, inc, etc). WebRunner will also help determine programming comments and other information within web locations. This tool is ONLY available for Windows


A windows utility which use USB, CF, SD, and other mass storage devices to leverage access on client machines. USB Break comes with a configurable front end, to allow you to setup and deploy USB Break rapidly. Click on the "read more" link to read the features of USB break and how it can help you during penetration testing.

PDP - Pretty Degraded Privacy

PDP is a Microsoft Windows tool which allows security testers to test password strengths, and crack passwords by hashing, and cracking. The tool will be available soon for download.


A collection of applications to test, or apply security measures specific to Linux hosts. These tools operate from the Linux environment however, may test security against windows, OS X, or other Linux machines.
Scripts, or binaries specific to the Linux operating system.
Applications specific to the Microsoft windows operating system.
Hacking and security tools specifically written in the Windows operating system which can test other operating systems as well. These tools will be listed as to which operating systems they are available for. Please utilize the logo for OS Version.