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SOC Analyst Guide to Malware, Phishing and, Exploit Analysis

This paper is over 200 pages of information highlighting the process for malware, exploit and phishing analysis for SOC analysts. Tools, techniques as well as new utilities and the design of a custom environment are covered.
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Description If you are looking to get into the information security landscape but don't know where to start or, feel you don't have the skills to do so; this paper is for you! The SOC Analyst Guide to Malware, Phishing and, Exploit Analysis will take you through a identifying attacks, finding malware and finally how to report on malware detected. The book also comes with a lab guide and a lab setup guide if you want to create your own network segment for analysis in your home or, at work! We will cover Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOS / OS X. You will learn how to analyze the following file types:

- Windows Binary Files (.NET and Managed WIN32)
- Understand the Windows API Calls that are high-risk
- Dissect and evaluate document, pdf and excel files that contain macros or, malicious attachments (exploits)
- Analyze network communications with network monitor and wireshark, tcp dump and dnstop and many others!
- Understand the Linux environment for malware analysis and how to triage a Linux system
- Understand the MacOS / OS X environment and how to triage Apple systems for malware and attacks
- Malware code de-obfuscation (Javascript, VBS/VBA)
- Learn how to analyze disk images (DMG, ISO, etc)
- Learn how to dump and crack compressed files and other file types with attack tools
- Learn automation(s)
- Attack forecasting / detection
- YaRa
- And Much, much more!

This book is not only limited to the entry / junior malware analysts, it is targeted to anyone who wants to learn malware analysis in a more in-depth approach to enhance their skills or provide better data enrichment!
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