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Secure Communications

The functionality of how things work, and how a user can easily get online is placed before security and the will to implement a secured communications line, or communications medium. This document will outline and detail the need for establishing secure communications and where they can be deployed.

PUP Malware

Information regarding Potentially Unwanted Programs and applications that install which are scumware, malware or trojans which con users into downloading them to help "protect" your computer or worse -- con you into purchasing an application which claims it can "help protect" your computer and or make it more secure. Here, we will discuss the innate customs users have and a will to install such applications without first understanding the risks.

Security Policies

An article discussing what the benefits of a policy are, and what are some of the ground work to consider when assembling a security policy.

Education & Awareness

An article that describes, and highlights the benefits of user education and awareness.

Key Loggers

Documentation explaining how key loggers work, and how to spot hardware based key loggers (which cannot be detected by malware scanners.)

Trojan Horses

A direct an informative guide to Trojan horse applications; Detection, removal and avoidance measures in which you can practice to avoid and detect these malicious applications.

Incident Response

Information outlining malicious code incident response, and details on creating a response team.