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Our Mission


At Network Defense Solutions, Inc. we are structuring our information around the grounds of SOHO, SMB, and breaking into the Enterprise environments for security documentation! Our efforts since we've began back in 2007 have also deviated into the grounds of instructing, and ethical hacking.

Due to the fact that information security is becoming a great issue; and emphasis must be placed into the security sector to keep personal information personal, and private information private, Network Defense Solutions will work with any security model, and assist in creating the right security posture for your organization. Whether your organizational needs are of a small home office with few computers, to a SMB working environment, or to an enterprise environment, where external contractors are needed*. Network Defense Solutions may have a solution for you!

As part of an on-going process to bring our clients the latest and best security practices, Network Defense Solutions, Inc. is currently working very hard to design materials to train future cyber security professionals. Currently we are designing courseware and shifting our attention to the Ethical Hacking landscape to continuously keep up with the growing threats that plague the internet. Our materials will not only be designed for use as a penetration testing guide; they will also demonstrate countermeasures and insider information to keep you, your data and network secure from prying eyes! For more information please feel free to contact us and inquire about our training materials and training services.

As of late we have been working around the clock to bring up the Training Portal to deliver ethical hacking, security, and other I.T. services to assist students who want to either enter STEM, are involved and are looking for a broader experience, or for those of you who want to understand how to properly secure your network environment. Throughout the year we will also be designing other classes which will be released as time progresses. The course catalog will be up and online shortly and if you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us


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