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Does your environment need assistance with building out or, establishing security guidelines and best practices? Or, is your environment looking for training and consulting to help guide and drive a solid security program? No matter what your security needs are, we have a set of services to help you achieve your goals!

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Incident Response

Had an incident, sustained a breach or need best practices to help your team or organization respond to events? We can hep you triage alerts, incidents or full blown cyber attacks. 

We have a broad range of knowledge covering Windows, Linux and MacOS. With our custom tools and utilities, processes and procedures we can help your organization develop an adequate incident response plan.

SOC Consulting Services

Need security services to support a SOC / SIC? We can help you plan and develop security related operations, responses and defenses. We have experience working with small and large scale security operations centers, incident response and, forensics. 

Network Defense Solutions, Inc. offers industry leading services and best practices for detection, investigating and containment. 

On/Off-Site Backup & Recovery

With the rise in ransomware not having off-site or, on-prem backups can create issues for businesses. Even for home users. With affordable solutions for many price points Network Defense Solutions can help you protect your data. 

From P.C, MacOS, iPhone, Android, Server or tablet. We can help protect your data, memories and files from disaster.

Computer Repair & Upgrades


Repairs or upgrades can be a headache. Whether your computer is running slow, needs a replacement or parts have failed. We can help. 

With more than two decades of experience we can help upgrade, replace or speed up your laptop, desktop or server. 

From virus removal, security, recovery, SSD/NVMe drive expansion and even LCD replacement. We can help with almost anything. 

Looking for a P.C. build? We can help with that! 

Software Development

Looking for a solution to a redundant task, security engineering or database applications? We can help build your business tools and applications from databases, front-end applications and security tools. 

Our experience is with VB.NET, C# and, C++. 

If you are looking for custom scripts for Linux, MacOS or Windows we also provide support in: PowerShell and, Bash. Have any questions? Please feel free to reach out!

Managed Malware & Phishing


Have a business that is being targeted with malware and phishing campaigns? Need to know if an e-mail you received is safe to open? 

Our managed services help detect, respond and block potential malware and phishing campaigns before they become an issue for your business. 

From Linux, MacOS and Windows. Our experts can triage a wide range of phishing and malware campaigns to help keep your business and data safe.

Threat Hunting


Need help to make sure your environment has not sustained an attack that has been undiscovered? Or, are you looking for methods to help assure your business can respond to issues before they become incidents?

Threat hunting services can give your business the tools and insight it needs to find and isolate issues that your defense mechanisms may have missed. 

Most companies are unaware they've been breached. Don't be one of them!

Training & Education


Need to update skills or, are looking to get into security? Our current course catalogue includes an introduction to Ethical Hacking and, Malware analysis. 

We will also be expanding classes to threat hunting, incident response and other topics in the near future. 

We have individual and, group training pricing available if you are looking to train a team.

Home Office & Student


If you require upgrades, new P.C. build, security, data recovery or repair on laptops, desktops, etc. and are a home user or, student. Network Defense Solutions, Inc. provides discounted rates for students and home users. 

Please let us know when you inquire about a service and we will be happy to help work out pricing for you.

We can also accomodate systems in other states (shipping rates apply). Student discounts require an active student ID to be view at time of services or purchase.

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