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Downloadable content, software and other information provided free of charge and in some cases under the GNU/GPL License agreement. Please note that some of the content herein may accompany source code within it's respective language for modification, or fine-tuning.
Please note that if changes are made to code and redistributed you MUST resubmit the information to Network Defense Solutions, Inc. to re-port the changes and provide credit to the contributing author.

Information Leakage
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Various methods information may be leaked out of your network without proper knowledge, and how to limit the information that is leaked.

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A collection of papers and how-to guides to assist with computer forensics on Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS / OSX, iOS and Android operating systems. These papers may include free open-source tools, custom written applications by Network Defense Solutions, Inc. as well as professional tools such as FTK, EnCase as well as Autopsy / Sleuth Kit.

ATTENTION: Please note that if you are practicing some of this information in a professional capacity that some states require that the analyst does in fact obtain a P.I. license. We are only offering these tools, guides and utilities as a means to teach and provide a better understanding of computer forensics and, how forensics is conducted. Some of the tools within this section will also require a payment / purchase / license in order to utilize them. Additionally you will require hardware write-blockers and other utilities to keep the information you are analyzing safe from contamination if in the event they are brought fourth to a court of competent jurisdiction.
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Here you will find information regarding any products and services we produce to help keep your systems and web locations safe. Network Defense Solutions, Inc. is launching a new product line that will enable small business owners to protect their assets and information from breaches, and manage an investigation. You can choose any of the products below for more information.

Warning! This section contains documentation that requires analysts to utilize live malware to understand malware analysis. Safeguarding your data is not the responsibility of Network Defense Solutions, Inc. All readers, students and analysts MUST provide their own method of safeguarding their systems and data. If you agree to this warning, you may proceed. Otherwise, please do not run any of the live samples on your network or workstation!
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This section will provide you with the services that we currently offer for your SMB (Small Medium Business) from malware removal, upgrades, web site monitoring and web security to end-point protection and security. We also provide group training touching on almost every aspect of security. The services that we provide are all listed below. If you need additional information, please feel free to phone us at: 1-(347)-586-9386. Should you need to ask a question about a specific service, please feel free to Contact us about a specific service
A collection of solutions for on-site and off-site data backups and partial virtualization. These services help your company sustain operations if in the event an impactful situation arises and you still have internet. Please be advised these tools and utilities also enable you to restore systems that may have been infected or affected by a bad update or software install. Other Off-Site / On-Site Services: Managed On-Site Data Backup, Managed On-Site Data Backup & Virtualization, On-Site Data Backup & Virtualization, Off-Site Virtualization (Managed), ,
Collection of tools, resources and services that we've developed to help maintain your server or services from attack. Here you will find a collection of monitoring services as well as health checks and incident response resources that you can sign up with to help keep your environment secure. Whether you are looking to secure: SSH, Active Directory, Mail Exchanger, Web Site (IIS/Apache/Ngix), Backup your web location or more, we have the tools and expertise to help you.

End-Point Services
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Does your company need to get a handle on Phishing, Malware, ransomware or backups for recovery? Are you struggling with security and how to protect your environment? Here you will find a set of services we provide to not only protect your end-points but also your data and the information you need to protect. From malware to backups, security policies, repairs, upgrades and more!

Virtualization Services
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A collection of services for businesses who require high availability.
On-Site Virtualization and databack up services with managed and unmanaged services
Training & Education
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A collection of training and educational services provided by, Network Defense Solutions, Inc.
SOC Consulting
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Looking for services and resources to help you build or, add value to your SOC? We have over 25 years of experience with responding to incidents, providing training for L1 and, L2 Analyst roles, building tooling for Incident Response, Malware & Phishing Analysis, Criticality Matrix Development, SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) development, forensic acquisition with both open-source tools and, professional tools as well as insight into logging and, monitoring. With hands-on training and, industry related best practices we can help you achieve a well rounded SOC to help keep your business, assets and data protected. Find out how!
Incident Response
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Please select an operating system to learn more about the Incident Response services we provide.

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Computer Repair
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computer repair description
System Hardening
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A collection of white papers, articles and resources to harden Windows, Window Server, MacOS and Linux end-points and servers. This section will also discuss hardening specific such as: SSH, sFTP, Web Servers, Active Directory and, other services commonly used in small businesses and, enterprises. There will also be links to software, scripts and guides to help you deploy and secure your systems.

Methods and white papers showing you how to secure your *NIX installation, servers or desktop.

Attention: For customers already subscribed to backup (on-prem, remote and remote virtualization) Please see the support tickets or support pages for your custom devices or contact us: 347-586-9386 for more information for rebuild or, technical support / Remote Remote support please see: RAID / NAS Backup Support
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Home & Home Office
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services for homes and home offices.
Hacking & Security CTFs
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This section is for everyone who is actively or passively engaged on our youtube channel, or are looking to complete CTF's on other platforms. This can include HTB, THM and others. This was setup as supplemental material to help break down the flow of scanning and add a bit more context into the world of offensive security. Unlike the other write-ups we are looking to add the how and why along side how a real-world penetration test would approach this segment. While this is starting off solely with security in mind, hopefully this will expand to Forensics, IR and anything else within the realm of off-sec, sec, and others.

ATTENTION! This segment is open to the public to browse and share. Should you wish to become an author please let us know.