Does your company need to get a handle on Phishing, Malware, ransomware or backups for recovery? Are you struggling with security and how to protect your environment? Here you will find a set of services we provide to not only protect your end-points but also your data and the information you need to protect. From malware to backups, security policies, repairs, upgrades and more!

Threat Hunting

Suspect that your end-points, servers or other mission critical / infrastructure devices may have been compromised? Network Defense Solutions, Inc. will help you identify if any systems within your environment sustained an attack or, breach and help you restore! With on-going monitoring services and other security measures we can also assist with issues 24/7 and respond to threats as they affect your systems.

E-Mail Security Analysis Services

Here you can help identify threats that are targeting your organization and determine how you should protect your organization, workers and data. Network Defense Solutions, Inc. can help provide e-mail analysis of suspected e-mail messages for both phishing and malware. Our analysis dives deep into the threats and their origins to help you understand how your attackers think and how their tools / phishing campaigns come together.

Phishing & Malware Services

A set of tools to assist your small business identify malware risks, phishing and training to better prepare your organization to respond to an attack. Our tools allow you to handle identification of threats as well as arm your staff with the tools they need in order to identify, contain, respond and categorize attacks before they become an issue. Network Defense Solutions, Inc. also provides managed solutions to keep malicious content off your network and test it in a secure and sound location.

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