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Our Mission

At Network Defense Solutions, Inc. we are structuring our information around the grounds of SOHO, SMB, and breaking into the Enterprise environments for security documentation and support! Our efforts since we've began back in 2007 have also deviated into the grounds of instructing, and ethical hacking, SOC training and Malware analysis. Our content is always updated and we will be bringing open-source classes as well as instructor lead environments for on-site and remote training.

We have been working hard to develop a new set of tools that enable home users, small businesses and, SMB to deploy security without the cost! If you are a small business owner and you need to secure your data, web sites, databases and need business continuity / disaster recovery, backup strategy, malware analysis or, Incident Response; Network Defense Solutions, Inc. will have the tools needed to help protect your systems and at an affordable cost.

Along with the new services that we have developed and are now providing, we have also designed a new ticketing system for support. If you need assistance with software, security or other information technology or, security related events please see the Support Pages & Knowledge Base for assistance.

Currently we offer the following products and services to help secure your business!

  • Home & Home Office / Student

    If you are a home / home office user or, a student we offer a wide range of services for you as well. We offer upgrades, data backup, data recovery, virus removal, security enhancements, assistance with software installations and more. Have an issue with a slow computer? Printer not working? Locked out of an account? Or, do you need assistance with backing up family photos or school papers? We have cost-effective services to assist you with this and much more!

  • Incident Response

    If you suspect a system or network segment within your business has sustained a breach, we have a wide range of tools to assist with incident discovery, remediation and mitigation. We support Windows, Linux and MacOS. We also have services to enable your team to provide

  • Off-Site Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Data access as well as up-time is very important. If you maintain a critical system for your environment and have ever had it malfunction and crash you understand the importance of up time. Many repairs can take hours or days before a system is brought back online. Network Defense Solutions provides services to limit down time if in the event of a system crash or outage. With off-site backup we can have your systems up and running within the first 1 - 2 hours. Complete with software and the last backup. Our systems support Microsoft Windows, Windows Server, Linux Server, Linux Desktop and, MacOS / OS X.

  • Software Development

    If your organization needs database development, security tooling or automation Network Defense Solutions, Inc. has the expertise to help! Whether it be for security, day-to-day operations we may be able to assist your business by leveraging repetitive tasks with automation(s).

  • Server & End-Point Security

    From Windows desktop to Linux server we have many years of experience configuring end-point solutions (firewalls, file system detection, malware analysis, threat hunting, etc.) and, server-side configurations. Network Defense Solutions can assist with policy building, alerting and detection measures. We also specialize in securing VPS and shared hosting environment. These service scan range from web site protections, backup, threat detection and more!

  • Training & Education

    Need to train staff but do not know where to start? We can help bring small security teams up to speed with tailored training from: Ethical Hacking, Incident Response, Malware & Phishing Analysis, Threat hunting, Repairs and Networking. You can choose to have an online class / workshop or have live in-person workshops which encompass all areas mentioned.

  • Laptop / Desktop Repair & Upgrades

    If your environment maintains a number of systems however, lacks the staffing to repair, upgrade or remediate I.T. issues, we have the skillset as well as the tools to help you meet the demand for maintenance, repairs and upgrades. Whether it be a Hard drive replacement to a laptop LCD screen repair. Our team can assist and alleviate many of the issues you may face within the information technology and information security arenas.

  • Custom P.C. Builds

    If you are looking to replace an older computer we can assist with the purchasing and build of your next desktop! Not only can we assist with the build of your project we can also setup, secure and maintain it for you for peace of mind. If you wish to obtain purchasing support for a name-brand system we can also help you with purchasing decisions as well as configuration and setup.

  • Off-Site Virtualization Services

    Work within an environment where up-time is a necessity? Network Defense Solutions can help with off-site virtualization. We provide you with a fully capable system that contains all the software your environment needs. If a system in your environment is impacted, you can use any system to connect to our virtual environment to resume business operations. Once your systems are backed up you simply export your current data and import it into your production environment. We maintain the system and it's security.

  • Managed Malware & Phishing Detection

    Network Defense Solutions provides a save method to protect your business by investigating malware attacks and providing full remediation report strategies to help you block, forecast and react to malware and phishing before they become a problem! Combined with training we can assist your environment by dissecting malware and running samples in a safe environment to understand how your adversary is attempting to breach your environment and provide you with meaningful insight and security! We can provide training to your employees and will investigate file attachments, links, e-mails and other objects that your organization deems as suspect.

  • Threat Hunting

    Utilizing pre-existing technologies and SIEMS or, deploying tools, scripts and utilities on your end point, server or virtual systems Network Defense Solutions, Inc. can assist with threat hunting or lead an investigation into a threat hunting effort. Whether you are working with Linux, Windows or MacOS we can provide you with insight into system activity that may uncover a threat actor or malicious software. Our tools and efforts not only look for the traditional indicators that other tools look for, our tools look for details that are in most cases over looked to provide you with more insight.

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  • Tommys Auto
    Network Defense Solutions has been repairing our computers for the last two years. They have enabled us to incorporate backups that allow us to resume operations within an hour after an impactful event. They have an extremely fast turn-around time and repairs are always completed quickly and efficiently. We have a very busy auto repair and body shop. It would be detrimental if our computers would be down for more than a few hours and, Network Defense Solutions has been a critical part of keeping our business up and running.
    Tommys Auto - Owner - Tommys Car Wash & Auto Repair
  • Dog Training School NY
    Anthony has been providing information technology and web site support for me for the last 7+ years. He has maintained my web site, performed regular backups of the location and provides security and incident response when needed. He is very knowledgable. He has also developed applications for me to assist with blogging as well as keyword creation!
    Dog Training School NY - Owner - Dog Training School NY
  • Lessons 123
    I have been using Network Defense Solutions for the better pert of 10+ years. I have shipped systems and networking equipment to them for repair with a 2-3 day turn around time with easy setup. Anthony has provided both end-point and network security for my business as well as remote support, incident response and web site review. I highly recommend their services!
    Lessons 123 - Owner - Lessons 123
  • Triangle Towing, Inc.
    We were introduced to Network Defense Solutions, Inc. as far back as 2013 for specific software needed for towing and record keeping. Since then they have provided repairs, regular software updates and remote support for our systems. Network Defense Solutions has a very good repair and data recovery turn around time and we'd highly recommend them.
    Triangle Towing, Inc. - Owner - Triangle Towing, Inc.
  • HCC Collision, Inc.
    The City of New York made some very specific requirements for record keeping and storage of information with regards to the towing industry. It began as an almost impossible task to compile and organize this information in a clear and concise way. In 2014, we were very fortunate to be introduced to Anthony from Network Defense Solutions.
    HCC Collision, Inc. - Owner - HCC Collision, Inc.