A collection of white papers, articles and resources to harden Windows, Window Server, MacOS and Linux end-points and servers. This section will also discuss hardening specific such as: SSH, sFTP, Web Servers, Active Directory and, other services commonly used in small businesses and, enterprises. There will also be links to software, scripts and guides to help you deploy and secure your systems.

Linux File System Permissions

File system permissions are at the root of every modern operating system and, Linux is no exception to this rule. While some users may not be well versed with how to apply proper permissions or, need assistance with the discovery of files, folders and configurations that may be overly shared this document aims to demystify Linux file permissions, how to find improper permissions and how to properly calculate permissions.

Web Shell Detection with Auditd

An introduction to utilizing auditd to detect malicious activity on a Linux system that may be under attack or, where the attacker has already gained access to the machine. This article looks at collecting the log information into /var/log/audit/audit.log.

Securing Secure Shell

Secure shell is the primary means of access for a Linux or, Unix host. Many times attackers will not only use ports: 22, 222, 2222 as a means of identifying a remote system as a Linux / Unix flavor but also attempt to use variations of user names (admin, root, administrator, test, etc.) to hammer your SSH server in order to gain a foothold within your environment. This document helps address some of the security concerns when running SSH.

Web Shell Protection

This article walks defenders through the steps to protect a Linux system running PHP against PHP shells that have been uploaded to a remote host.


Methods and white papers showing you how to secure your *NIX installation, servers or desktop.

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