This section will provide you with the services that we currently offer for your SMB (Small Medium Business) from malware removal, upgrades, web site monitoring and web security to end-point protection and security. We also provide group training touching on almost every aspect of security. The services that we provide are all listed below. If you need additional information, please feel free to phone us at: 1-(347)-586-9386. Should you need to ask a question about a specific service, please feel free to Contact us about a specific service

On-Site Data Backup

For businesses that require managed access to data 24/7 this solution allows you to keep hardware and data on-site. Complete with backups and, if needed backup rotation. We provide the hardware and software for you. This will include snapshots of data that you use and more! Never lose access to important data or, lose data if in the event of malware or a catastrophe.

On-Site Data Backup & Virtualization

If your business provides virtualized functions (e.g: legacy systems, servers, etc.) whether it be ESXi, Proxmox, xen, etc. Providing a backup, rotation and recovery solution may be challenging. Especially for the smaller businesses that may not have the expertise in deploying such a solution. Our solutions provide you with constant monitoring, backup, retention and rotation at a fraction of the cost of our competition.

Off-Site Data Backup & Recovery

Anyone who is running a business knows the frustrations surrounding a system that breaks right when the work day begins, fails just after an update or has a hardware malfunction at some high-peak time. A repair of a system can take hours and leave you with re-doing work that you've already done. This can be from transcribing hand-written forms to digital, scanning forms in, etc. A system failure can set back an environment and impact a business in a bad way. With Network Defense Solutions, Inc. off-site mirroring your company will have limited impact if in the event of a catastrophic system failure. If you'd like to learn more, please

Web Site Backup

more information about our automated processes.

Move a Web Site to a New Host

Need help moving your CMS or other web site to a new host? Network Defense Solutions, Inc. can help you with this. We will archive your site, keep it for 30 days and when you're ready we will move you to your new host. After your file have been moved to your new host we will send you a download link to download your old web site so you can maintain a back up for your own records. 

Shared Host Active Attack Blocking

Active attack blocking works with small business hosting plans to help businesses limit the attack surface from web application attacks. Our tools will monitor your location for attacks. At the first sign of an attack our tools can be configured to alert or, actively block the offending set of IP addresses from further harming your location. If you would like to learn more about active attack scanning for your host, please feel free to

Web Server Full Security Suite

A collection of tools that can either be managed, or self-managed by your organization. Our tools encompass defacement checking, malware scanning, remote backups, log analysis, database scanning, Active attack blocking and Web File Integrity Checking!

Web Site Defacement Protection

Web site defacement protection is a set of tools that is run against your web location 24/7 that monitors your web location for changes. If in the event your web location has been defaced Network Defense Solutions receives an e-mail alert regarding your web location state and our team begins to remediate the issue. For more information about our web defacement detection and prevention tools, please

Active Web Site Malware Scan

It's not uncommon for web locations to host malware for different operating systems. Many times web sites will host malware within their own directory hierarchy to hide web shells and other malicious scripts.
The purpose of these tools and monitoring applications are to review the health of your systems and remove malware if in the event your hosting provider cannot. We have seen many times hosting providers (blue host especially) shut down web locations with embarrassing messages before they contact the site owners or, maintainers to alert them of malware residing on the system.
Worse yet? These companies will hold your web site hostage forcing you to sign up for tools like sitelock and others before they will unlock your domain. These tools were specifically designed to help small businesses avoid the entrapment of such services. To learn more about how you can protect your web location from malware and other malicious scripts please click the link to

Database Malware Scan

Monitoring your web site, files, access and other aspects of your web location are one thing. Many times administrators or security professionals may over-look the database. We have seen many web sites (more than 20K) and counting breached in a way where the web sites serve up malvertising, porn, pills and other spam in order to generate income for the threat actor. Network Defense Solutions has put together a set of tools that allow you to scan your databases, and provide real-time scanning of your locations to help detect and investigate these types of attacks. If you would like to learn more, please


A collection of solutions for on-site and off-site data backups and partial virtualization. These services help your company sustain operations if in the event an impactful situation arises and you still have internet. Please be advised these tools and utilities also enable you to restore systems that may have been infected or affected by a bad update or software install. Other Off-Site / On-Site Services: Managed On-Site Data Backup, Managed On-Site Data Backup & Virtualization, On-Site Data Backup & Virtualization, Off-Site Virtualization (Managed), ,
Collection of tools, resources and services that we've developed to help maintain your server or services from attack. Here you will find a collection of monitoring services as well as health checks and incident response resources that you can sign up with to help keep your environment secure. Whether you are looking to secure: SSH, Active Directory, Mail Exchanger, Web Site (IIS/Apache/Ngix), Backup your web location or more, we have the tools and expertise to help you.

Does your company need to get a handle on Phishing, Malware, ransomware or backups for recovery? Are you struggling with security and how to protect your environment? Here you will find a set of services we provide to not only protect your end-points but also your data and the information you need to protect. From malware to backups, security policies, repairs, upgrades and more!

A collection of services for businesses who require high availability.
On-Site Virtualization and databack up services with managed and unmanaged services
A collection of training and educational services provided by, Network Defense Solutions, Inc.

Looking for services and resources to help you build or, add value to your SOC? We have over 25 years of experience with responding to incidents, providing training for L1 and, L2 Analyst roles, building tooling for Incident Response, Malware & Phishing Analysis, Criticality Matrix Development, SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) development, forensic acquisition with both open-source tools and, professional tools as well as insight into logging and, monitoring. With hands-on training and, industry related best practices we can help you achieve a well rounded SOC to help keep your business, assets and data protected. Find out how!
Please select an operating system to learn more about the Incident Response services we provide.

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