Terms & Conditions

This is a high level document describing the usage of this web location, it's software and the information on this web site. Any lapse on the users part may result in legal action as our content is geared for information security through demonstrating hacking utilizing realworld examples.

Terms & Conditions:

Usage of This Web Site:

Network Defense Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to publish source code, which may potentially harm, or disrupt computer equipment on a software level. Some
of the information which may be posted will be in source code format, and will require programming knowledge to re-construct the application for usage. Application source code may consist of any of the following:
Viruses / Virii, Trojans, Worms, Logic Bombs, DoS (Denial of Service Applications), Deltree Applications, Exploits and Key Loggers.

Users who are found utilizing the source code files for malicious purposes (which includes, but is not limited to: sending the information to unsuspecting persons, distributing the information through means of forums, web site, BBS services, E-mail or Instant Message notes and does not notify any entity who is receiving the information that, the information is destructive, will be reported to their local authority and a report WILL be sent to their ISP abuse dept. and forwarded to the FBI computer crimes division.

Any section(s) of this web site which does require user access must be submitted to: our accounts dept. which can be reached at the following Web Link
If you do submit a request to become a member, depending on which section of our web site you are interested in, we reserve the right to charge for the service. Charges and other applicable fees will be covered in our "Orders Section" in § Payments.

Pop Ups & Other Advertisements:

Although Network Defense Solutions, Inc. does reserve the right to post advertisements, and also reserves the right to display pop-up or pop-under page advertisements; we WILL NOT
disrupt any service or enjoyment you may receive from using our web site. However, we will post a section of our web site where you can view page ads, and where you can enter for a chance to win merchandise. We will not force pop-ups to your computer, or any other advertisement in which you do not want to see.

Furthermore, any page advertisements which are displayed through the usage of advertisements or ads or any other venue where entities may enter for a chance to win a product is a USE AT YOUR OWN RISK scenario. When we state this, we mean that: SOME ORGANIZATIONS WHICH DO UTILIZE POP-UP OR POP-UNDER ADVERTISEMENTS MAY PLACE SPYWARE APPLICATIONS OR FILES ONTO YOUR SYSTEM FOR REPEATED HARASSMENT. NETWORK DEFENSE SOLUTIONS, INC. DOES NOT TAKE ANY LIABILITY FOR SUBSIQUENT CLAIM OR DAMAGES ARISING FROM THE MISSUSE OR USE OF A SECOND OR THIRD PARTY NOT ASSOCIATED WITH Network Defense Solutions, INC.

Usage of Posted Software Applications:

Any software applications which are posted on this web site are the sole property of Network Defense Solutions, Inc. If an application of interest is posted on this web site, a user may download and use the application without risk of payment unless specified otherwise! Applications which do require payment, must be requested via e-mail, and a phone contact must be provided. All payments will be available through PayPal or other web payment options when and if available. *please note that phising scams will be targeted to a wide market of users and please forward any suspicious e-mails which do come from your pay pal account to pay pal and verify with pay pal. Also please note that Network Defense Solutions, Inc. will not send you e-mail in regard to credit card information, payment or any other type of information, as all communications will be done through phone contact. Please note that, although contact WILL solely be established through phone contact, Network Defense Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to contact you via e-mail 1 week in advanced, and 1 week after a problem or payment has been closed as a follow up.

All software applications which are on this web site and are of current interest DO NOT fall under the GNU GPL Copy-Left agreement, and are Copyright Network Defense Solutions, Inc.
Software applications which support the GNU GPL Copy-Left protocol(s) will be posted with their source code, and with information, with limitations if any!

Applications which can be downloaded from another web server, which belong to Network Defense Solutions, Inc.
should not be downloaded! If an internet entity is in fact using our downloadable software and offering those applications on their web space without prior written approval is prohibited, please report any suspicious links, and action will be taken against the offending organization.

Furthermore, other web servers which are not linking to our site may contain malicious code which may install on your computer via our setup scripts. Furthermore, Network Defense Solutions, Inc. will never attempt to place malicious code onto computer systems in any way shape or form. If you feel that someone is attempting to place malicious code onto your computer as a result of one of our setup scripts, please forward the offending location URL to our Information Dept.

Usage of Custom Trojanized Applications:

Any applications which are downloaded by users which establishes a connection from one system to another to transmit computer or sensitive information is strictly logged, and Network Defense Solutions, Inc. Before a user attempts to download, or attempts to purchase the software application, a proper background check will be brought fourth before any purchases are final. Users who have any type of criminal background will be exempt from utilizing the software application, due to safety reasons for other online entities.

If a user is found using any Trojanized applications illegally, Network Defense Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to take proper legal action, and disable / Terminate any membership, or agreement made at the time of purchase. This also constitutes that, you will not receive any payments made for applications purchased and you will be required to destroy all data disks which have been shipped to you. In translation, you will not receive any money in refund even if you are within your 30 day money back guarantee. Network Defense Solutions, Inc. has a zero (0) tolerance policy for applications which are used illegally.

Hacking Related Documentation:

Any documentation related to computer hacking is prohibited by abuse. The information is provided as-is and is provided as a means of education for security testers, or, users who would like to secure their internal networks from penetration. Users who would like to gain access are bound to terms and conditions and, if an attack should ensue as a direct result from our material, we take no liability for the actions brought upon by another entity. Our information is only for educational purposes only

All information which is to be used during an active penetration test (security test of another organization) must be done through hard-copy contract, binding both parties to a terms of engagement and must be obtained before any attempts to test security are brought fourth.

Usage of Computer Forensic Information:

Computer forensic information is available through pay-contract only. And, is bound to our terms and conditions. The only restriction policy that we do inforce is that you do not use any computer forensic information on hard disk drives which have been discarded or do belong to government or other organizations which you do not have a proper contract to perform any forensic information gathering on.

please note that any failure to understand, or make any data in a state of read-only format will be discarded by any state court. And, doing so in a non read-only state may cause any forensic information to become trampled on and invalid in a court case. please note that, failure to properly archive system data in a read-only state, may damage your credibility.

Source Code Tutorials & Repair Info:

Any source code information can be used without limitation(s) and distributed to other users, only in link format copying any of our information is strictly prohibited unless specified through written agreement of Network Defense Solutions, Inc.

Failure to request prior written consent upon investigation will force Network Defense Solutions, Inc. to take proper legal action against the entity to the furthest extent possible by law. All information is copyright© Network Defense Solutions, Inc.

Hardening Documentation:

OS, Application and Network hardening information is also a fee based medium and also falls under copyright© Network Defense Solutions, Inc. There are currently no restrictions under this section of our web site, other than the illegal distribution of copyright documentation without proper written approval of Network Defense Solutions, Inc. This section also warrants the fact that you have a strong knowledge of I.S. (Information Security.)

Restrictions of Paid Services:

Any entity who is currently paying for a service, and who is distributing our information will face prosecution. Please note that if a user that is distributing login / logon information to others their accounts will be suspended and payment kept. In addition to which, they will never again be able to utilize our service(s) again which are fee-based.

All orders, and or accounts which are held under the members area, require a one years subscription for 75.00 each in U.S. currency and, will be processed through paypal or any other form of web payment when and if available. Any questions or comments, please send us an e-mail as we will be glad to assist

Usage of Passwords:

This is a message to all users. Any downloadable applications which come from Network Defense Solutions, Inc. will now be in digitally signed / Encrypted .exe zip format. If any application(s) on this site
are not in encrypted zip format, do not download the application. To verify that an application has come from us, please forward the encrypted .exe file to support. We will normally respond to your e-mail request within 24 - 48 hours of receiving the information. All passwords will be listed under our downloads or links to any software applications.

Free Downloads & Contact Information:

Any downloads provided for but not limited to: computer security, incident response, training, forensics, remote support, etc. that is provided by Network Defense Solutions, Inc. shall not be distributed to second or third parties. Download links shall be provided to users seeking to obtain or share the tools in which we provide. By providing free tools for our customers, readers or members we will from time to time collect contact details that we will utilize for news letters, new content, sales and promotions. Network Defense Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to phone, e-mail or post mail our customers regarding any and all of the services we offer. You the user agree to these terms when you 1) Download a free tool, utility, whitepaper, etc. 2) Sign up for a new account or, 3) Sign up for a membership on our web site.

Returns & Shipping (Warranty)

Systems that are sent to Network Defense Solutions, Inc. and are repaired under contract, service agreement or within a warranty period can be obtained with one of the following shipping method(s): USPS - Click-n-Ship, UPS or, FedEx. We do not accept or ship packages with any other courier. Additionally, packages WITHOUT signature of computer parts, components or systems WILL NOT BE SIGNED FOR and will be returned to sender.

Upon successful repair of your system(s), Components or other electronic device(s) you will be required to provide a shipping label for returns and all parcels must be insured. Should you wish to pickup a completed repair you may do so only if you have a service contract with us.

Repairs normally take 1-2 days before they are shipped. Shipping method is selected by you the customer and can vary depending on selected method (Ground, 2nd day air, next day, etc.). Please note that repair turn around times are based on the availability of parts needed and, the shipping time from the OEM (Hard drives, Screens, etc.) as well as transit times in receiving and sending parts.

Users Rights & Restrictions

Users who register, register e-mail addresses for login information. In addition to which, Network Defense Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to share e-mail addresses to similar companies to send you notifications of similar interests. No sharing of information will be conducted without prior contact. If you begin to receive e-mails as a result of registering to our organization, please be aware we will disclose the information to you, by which organizations we have released the e-mail address(es) to. Please be advised that, you will only receive the information if your information has been submitted to a third party.

(C) 2006 Network Defense Solutions, Inc.

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