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At Network Defense Solutions, Inc. we are gearing up for a new set of training and documentation, videos and labs to help guide you, your users or even students through some of the various subjects of information technology and, information security. Currently we are designing an extensive malware lab that covers MacOS, Linux, Windows and potentially other operating systems ;-). We will provide you with the tools and virtual machines needed in order to master the skills you need to effectively deliver on Malware Analysis, Ethical Hacking and, Incident Response. On top of this, you can choose to learn from our own portal right here, or, you can sign up for classes that are soon to come. For more information, please feel free to utilize this page.

If you are looking for information on any of the topics that we cover in our classes, or the classes themselves; this page will serve as a quick reference to the topics that we cover.

Should you feel that you would like to enroll in a class that we offer for Malware analysis, Ethical Hacking, Incident Response or any others you can use the quick links and resources below to help make a more informed decision to which direction you'd like to take.

Please be advised, some classes may be on another platform, while others may be taught directly at our web location. For information regarding setting up On-site learning, please call us at: 347-586-9386.

  • Ethical Hacking

    In this class you will learn at one of a few levels. Beginner, Intermediate, Defense and Exploitation & Defense. We will provide you with a set of virtual machines that you can import into your system, upload to an ESXi instance or use however you wish. The labs will cover Information gathering, scanning, enumeration, exploitation, lateral movement, metasploit, preservation of access and many other topics. For our training materials you can utilize the links provided here: Techniques & Solutions for Ethical Hacking - Defense, Techniques & Solutions for Ethical Hacking, please note the links provided are only to the class materials and not the VMs. If you'd like to learn more, please Register for a Class

  • Malware Analysis

    This training path is geared for those security professionals who are getting into SOC work or are looking to expand into malware analysis. The material in this class is geared for entry-level to advanced security professionals who want to learn additional tricks and insider information. These materials will cover Windows, Linux, OSX / MacOS Malware, hunting artifacts on the network and system. Custom applications written by Network Defense Solutions, Inc. as well as virtual machines for the major operating systems which can be imported and utilized for training purposes. Candidates can also choose to purchase the classes and view them within our education portal. Or, they may choose to review them on a 3rd party location. In this class you will also receive video tutorials. If you would like additional details, please see our online store for Malware Analysis or, please register for a class for more information. Please note like our other classes, we can also provide in-person training. If you'd like to take a look at our text-based classes for malware analysis that are open-source (non-instructor lead) please see: Malware & Phishing Analysis - Open Course.

  • Incident Response

    The incident response course compiles both instances of the Ethical Hacking course as well as the malware analysis courses into one package. In this class, students will learn how to create a template that works for both themselves and, their organization, which questions to ask and what information to procure. Students will also learn to leverage certain technologies at their work, or environment to provide meaningful threat hunting, reporting and final delivery with lessons learned. The course will encompass both Linux and Windows with MacOS throw into the mix as well. Students will receive Virtual Machines, Video Tutorials, PDFs, tools and other utilities to help along with the course.

  • Internal Training & Education

    This type of training is designed to train your internal network and it's employees on spotting malicious events before they become a problem. This training also includes allowing your users the ability to upload malicious e-mails, files and other artifacts which may cause an issue for your data, network and business. Within these exercises we can provide testing with phishing, mock malware and provide testing for your environment to certify that users retain the concepts that were delivered to them during the initial training phases. We can also provide training for SOC (Security Operations Centers) or security groups seeking to establish a group of individuals to detect, hunt, contain, remediate and respond to incidents.

If you would like to learn more about our online classes, drop us a line to find out more!

Need a great class to cover a topic in technology you are interested in? Please let us know how we can help!

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